The Dubai Mall

The world’s largest mall

The Dubai Mall (TDM) is the cornerstone of the Downtown Dubai development, adjacent to the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa. With a site area of 34 hectares, gross floor area of 550,000sqm and 23km of shopfronts, it is the largest shopping mall in the world. Conceptualised as a city, TDM is divided into eight precincts of different characters and designed with nodes, internal streets and façades for legibility.

Architectural concepts of fragmentation and layering are employed to scale and identify four key entrances along the 500m Grand Drive façade. Designed as distinct entities within a larger whole, the entrances are named to reflect their style, form and feel: the Media Drum Entrance, the Grand Entrance, the Gold Souk Pavilion and the Carnival Street Entrance.

Middle East
Financial Centre Road، Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Category Retail
Year 2008
Size 555,600sqm
The speed and quality with which the design was delivered for a project of such a scale is a testimony to teamwork.
To ensure uniformity across the distinct entities, motifs inspired by traditional cultural patterns are used throughout.
An arabesque motif runs along the length of the façade, unifying the different entrances.
Distinct and well-distinguished, the façade design of TDM follows the architectural concept of fragmentation and layering so as to break down the massive scale of the mall into eight unique precincts.

Varying façades; one unique identity

Flowing with this architectural concept, the building envelope also features a varied appearance. It comprises of virtually every imaginable type of cladding, including curtain walls, glass walls, aluminium and steel cladding, very large GFRC and precast elements, metal roofs and skylights. In particular, the Fashion Island skylight, with its column-free 76 metres diameter represented an interesting challenge for both designers and contractors. In addition to designing all the façade elements, the works also involved the design of all the maintenance systems for the building, which included roof-mounted machines, davit arm self-climbing systems, monorails, travelling gantries and many more.

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