Singapore Sports Hub

Behind the façade

Spanning 35 hectares, the new Singapore Sports Hub was completed in 2014 and is the country’s premier sports, entertainment and lifestyle complex. The project’s primary element is the distinctive 55,000-seat National Stadium with its upturned bowl-shaped dome. The entire development also comprises a 6,000-seat indoor aquatic centre, a 3,000-seat multi-purpose indoor arena, a water sports centre, 41,000sqm of retail space and other ancillary facilities.

Exploring the Sports Hub, you will be struck first by the immense walkability of the development and the extensive areas of cladding and louvres characterising much of its façade. This is punctuated by façade features of very large skylights spanning up to 26 metres and glazed shopfronts. At every turn of the development, there is nuanced sense of accessibility, permeability and connectivity.

1 Stadium Drive
Category Institutional
Year 2014
Size 350,000sqm
Simple design decisions managed to optimise both cost and aesthetics in the best possible way.
Playing with the idea of indoor-outdoor spaces, large skylights are incorporated in specific sports and recreational zones, thereby enabling activities and interaction all year round.
Accessibility and connectivity are epitomised in the extensive areas of cladding and louvres that characterise much of its façade.

To understand our façade design approach, it is necessary to consider the site context as well as the wider design intention behind the Sports Hub. Situated at the water’s edge along Marina Channel to the northeast of the city’s downtown, it was intended right from the outset that the Sports Hub is to become an integral component of the urban fabric. Being the world’s largest sports-related Public Private Partnership project, it was also conceptualised as a destination for events at the international, national and community levels to attract a wide spectrum of potential users. Here, two themes were recurring: connectivity and accessibility.

Thus, while there was pressure to ensure that design of the National Stadium is no less than iconic; a great amount of stress was also placed on the design of the rest of the development. This narrative continuity of its aesthetics was, in turn, broadly ascertained in the spatial configuration and surrounding façade designs with the themes of accessibility and connectivity driving our schematics.

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