Parkview Square

Gotham City

A magnificent building located in the Singapore Downtown Core Planning Area along Rocher Road and Ophir Road, the 24-storey Parkview Square shifts away from the usual unembellished International style associated with office buildings. Its architectural concept combines art deco inspired designs with Baroque elements and bronze art sculptures with granite to realise a building that is at once confidently flamboyant and mystically surrealistic. This unique Grade-A office building type was designed in collaboration with the American consultant, James Adams Design. To date, it remains one-of-a-kind in Southeast Asia and has since earned the nickname of “Gotham City”.

600 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188778
Category Office
Year 2002
Size 40,000sqm
Absolutely stunning, timeless facade.
Art deco meets Baroque in this unique façade expression of latticed metal work and stone figures of historical beings.
The opulent pairing of latticed metal work and dark granite façade makes for an impressive Art Deco inspired façade.
Magnificent and grandiose, Parkview Square continues to stand as one of the most unique and timeless landmarks of Singapore’s Downtown area.

Dressing up “Gotham”

Façade design was key to carrying out the architectural vision of Parkview Square; a sophisticated blend of materiality and methodology thus enabled us to align the façade with the tone and mood of the architectural design.

The highly sculptural Art Deco façade comprises three-dimensional unitised stone cladding and unitised glazed curtain wall. Embroideries of latticed metalwork further play into the stylistic accents of Art Deco. Simultaneously, a tall glazed roof crowned with stone art sculptures in bronze feature historical and mythical creatures, effectively punctuating the façade with rich Baroque elements.

Parkview Square is a rare treat of luxurious working spaces designed with a careful understanding of classic proportions and fine detailing, combined with the modern use of high-tech building methods. In its desire to be what it wants to be regardless of the dominant mode of the time, Parkview Square has set its own benchmarks and remains a timeless architecture until today.

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