Residential designs are about creating quality environments to nurture communities, beyond the inclusion of functionalities and the fulfilment of commercial requirements. DP's residential projects are designed in ways that jointly celebrate the benefits of city dwelling, yet offer spaces that break from the city – places offering both community and a harbour for the comforts of private life. Housing patterns must continually respond to the needs of the city, as new developments situate people in existing or future spaces for work and play. Residential projects, and particularly those for high-density urban blocks, have the potential to dramatically alter the city by injecting it with new regions of vibrancy that remain active both day and night.

DP has considered each of its housing projects with reference to its site, its regional urban placement, and its climate. With each urban residential project, DP seeks to provide a unique set of formal and functional characteristics with which inhabitants can individually identify. In each residential housing scheme, DP negotiates between views and environmental orientation to optimally immerse residences within their surroundings. With high-density residential projects, DP investigates a variety of techniques in plan, layout, indoor-outdoor spatial relationships, and form to develop new housing types specialised for urban settings and grounded in the characteristics of the local community.

Sculptura Ardmore

Area: -
Year of Completion: 2017
Location: Singapore