Our Experience

Tapping on this cumulative knowledge and experience, DPF takes a multi-disciplinary approach to façade design and engineering. Their purpose is to provide the highest level of professional consulting in relation to the design, engineering, construction, diagnostic evaluation and refurbishment of building envelopes. The professional team offers clients opportunities to customise façade designs and solutions according to their needs. Their commitment is to the delivery of exceptional design solutions that are original, practical and cost-effective, from design to construction and post-completion assessment.
DPF aims be at the forefront in terms of the technological systems deployed for the design of building envelopes. Advanced computer-modelling software such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D printing technology are employed to carry out parametric engineering and prototyping of key structural elements of the façade for fast optimisation and value engineering.
DPF may work independently on projects. Clients may also elect to leverage the full benefits of involving other deeply related disciplines within the DP Architects and its group of companies.

CREATE @ NUS UTown, Singapore
Carlton City Hotel, Singapore
The Dubai Mall, UAE